SO…..for the new year I recorded TWO podcasts for January and had planned to get them out before February. As you see…that didn’t make it. Health issues got in the way. I’m working on editing those casts and will be putting those up as they are done and also recording for February.

I have convinced the fabulous J.R. Murdock to come be my companion on the show to talk about all manner of really cool things that I wrote down for this podcast’s reboot!

You should know that we agreed to write a short story a month…which I also didn’t get done due to health problems but I have several great ideas and will be attempting to catch up in February. There might even be something in it for my Patreon patrons.

I promise I’m not all talk and if any of you would like a “health” update in it’s own episode I shall be happy to do so….otherwise I’ll be working diligently to get the podcasts up, write my short stories a month and work on the second book for Guardians.