I promised I’d get Pip on the show and I did it! Only a week til her book comes out but I did it!! So here is my interview with the lovely goddess herself! There are plenty of links to write down so keep your ears open.

As promised I am including a link to Seth Harwood’s “Young Janius” which you can get right here!! I hear it’s awesome – me and my writing schedule don’t allow for such fun things like reading! 😛

Also if you haven’t heard I’ve created a place for people who LOVE speculative fiction (this is the wiki link definition) to find their favorite authors and works they might not know about as well as new authors called The Speculative Fiction Database or Specficdb.com for short! So if you are craving fiction go take a look. We’re adding new people everyday. You don’t even have to be IN PRINT….podcasts and epub count! It’s only 1$ to list yourself if you are an author (with a spot in the listing for your stories and books and other goodies to you) – so just go do it already!

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