With just a few days left, things are falling into place… for the auction to raise funds for Sonic Boom. Started by a group of podcasters and writers as a way for these communities to show support for the Morris family, this event will take place Feb 27th 2010.

Tee Morris is a beloved founding father of the podcasting community; co-creator of Podiobooks.com, writer of four social media books, and the first novelist to serialize his novel.

On the 5th of January 2010 Tee found himself facing raising his daughter (with the alias of Sonic Boom) alone, after the sudden, shocking death of his wife Natalie.

The podcasting, writing, and social media community gathered around and within days had raised over $10,000 to cover funeral expenses and other pressing bills Tee was facing. This response was incredible, and showed just how much Tee has touched the lives of others.

However now, as a community we are turning our attention to Sonic Boom’s future. She is only five now, and relying on Tee to provide everything for her. We have the aim of providing a trust buffer for her, so that she can go to college if she wants.

Nothing is going to replace her mother, but the funds raised will give more opportunities . So writers, podcasters and creative types of all stripes are offering up items for auction.

This event will be a webathon run by Podcasting’s very own Rich Sigfrit, with a plethora of special guests and fun. Rumor has it there may even be a studio audience.  It will take place live online at 10amEST  February 27th 2010. Watch the event here

We’ve already got over one hundred awesome auction lots, with more rolling in daily (from 3 chapters read by Agent Laurie McLean, signed books and podcasts, a handwriting analysis course, clothing, to artwork by the man who voiced Pilot in Farscape) – so follow us on twitter (boomeffect)  or subscribe to this feed to keep an eye on the goodness. And if you can’t make it, you can always make a proxy bid.

But unless grandma is visiting, the cat needs to go to the vet, or a meteor visits our fair planet, you should try and be there.

You wouldn’t want to miss the Social (Media) event of the season after all!
So join us 10am EST 27th February 2010, and let’s make a difference in the life of this most awesome of little girls.

Here’s my lot for the auction!

SB015- Custom made audio promo

Promos are hard! Finding just the right words, music in 60 seconds to draw people to your product or promo can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack warehouse. So why not get someone else to do it?

The lovely and talented Kimi Alexandre will take the burden off you. This auction lot is for 60 second audio promo with background music. Kimi will help write the copy if there is none, voice, edit, and produce it.

What could possibly be simpler?

This item will be auctioned in the Bespoke items timeslot on February 27th.

Can’t make the event?  Then place a proxy bid

Donated by: Kimi Alexandre
Current highest proxy bid: $US50