51kR7JZyVKL._SS500_ Sometimes the urge to hop back in bed and pull the covers over my head is overwhelming. I’ll be honest and fess up to having even done it a time or two. I realized in my dance class on Sunday that somewhere along the line, this fun amazing class that I looked forward to going to every chance I could – had turned into a source of fear.

My plot wall has taken on the same connotations. I stare out at it and where I use to see possibilities and exciting scenes…I begin to freak out at the possibility of writing them.

“They” aren’t kidding when they say fear is a huge factor in letting success pass you by. I don’t know who “they” are…but I’m sure they are out there and I’m sure they say it.

So what am I afraid of and how silly do I feel for being afraid in the first place? The answer to the last question is “I feel tremendously silly and foolish.” What I am afraid of is a little harder to answer, but we’ll give it a try.

  • Fear of disappointing people – What if I do something that disappoints my teacher, my family and friends, my readers
  • Fear of failure – what if I never manage to push myself to accomplish my weight, writing, etc goals?
  • Fear of success – I would have said this wasn’t the case but when I think about it…I am..what if I finish this book and I can’t crank out another one?