I did it! It’s less then two weeks after Dcon and I have an episode up. Granted not my NOTES from Dcon but an episode none the less. This says promising things. This is my feedback from the last year as I was a bad host and didn’t get back to it. That among other things…is going to change!

Show Notes:

Tee Morris

Adventures in SciFi Publishing ( my bad I said American SciFi Writing)

Lost Socks Insanity Podcast

Scott Sigler

Mur LaffertyI Should Be Writing


Ivy RiesnerWriting Cast

PJ – Tech for Writers

PC Haring

Holly LisleShop

Kimi’s Tarot Lines

Kimi’s Advice Lines


Ink Gypsy


Deviant Art

Ian McLein (props to anyone who finds the beta pic)


The Devil Inside

David Mack

How to Think Sideways – Holly’s 6 month course