Over the last few days I’ve been working on my plot cards and deciding how I want to open my story. A part of me wants to sit in front of them until I have each and every card filled out but we all know what that is. That’s procrastination. And that’s bad. So I’ll be kicking into gear in the next day or two.

This week I’ll be recording two interviews for the site and working on getting the one I did with Chris Lester up.

Last night I recorded most of my part for Chris’s cast. I finished recording my part for our entry for JC Hutchin’s Obsidian project, my new lines in Astral Audio’s new script and sent did an audition for another cast.

I found out yesterday that not only am I on the following panels for DragonCon but I am on a really awesome panel about Casting your Writing with Tee Morris, Michael Stackpole, and Scott Sigler. I may even have an opportunity to read something while I’m there. So I have a lot to do before August. Get a good percentage of my story written and cast, make biz cards to hand out, make a t-shirt to wear (which means you may have the option to buy one representing the story), and of course the ever present tone up. LOL

These are the panels I’m on:  Webcam Girls, Self Publication, Promoting your Podcast, and Podcasting your Writing

Speaking of T-shirts….I am looking for an artist for an image I have in my head of what I want to represent the story. If you are willing to contribute your time and work for credit on the site and cast and want to send me a sample of your work please email me. The media can definitely be digital, done in poser, or regular.

Here’s a few links worth taking a look at:

Btw..I’m also looking for a few good beta readers. What I’m seeking is someone who can critique my story not my grammar. I need feedback on my characters, my setting, what you get out of it, what you think you learned, etc. 🙂 Feel free to write if you are interested. I should have something to crit in less then a week.