Yay I’m so excited. I finished the Jackie Kessler interview today. It’s being shipped off to Jackie for review and hopefully she’s got enough time between writing, work, kids and hubby to listen to it so I can get it up for you. 🙂

In the mean time, I’ve got a friend who’s doing voohoo header magic and I’ll be updating the side bar. I’ll be re-posting all the episodes previous to Jackie’s including the 3 writer’s casts that were origionally done on Hipcast that you can not download anymore AND a previously (thought to be released but not) episode about my visit to DragonCon in 2007. (sorry that it’s um a tad late)

I’m going to be searching out my next victim, I mean author to interview and doing a cast on the evolution of my plot coming soon as well.

As far as where you can help….

1) Do you have a scene you’d like to have critted for a new Critter Comments section?
2) Are you good with audio and want to create a Tale Chasing Promo for me?
3) Do you have a topic you think would be interesting for me to do a cast on?
4) Do you have a podcast or a website you’d like to trade links on?

Write me or leave a comment! I wanna hear from ya!