Oh my gosh guys. I had no idea that some of the files sounded like I was a chipmunk or that some of them cut off after a few mins. I wish someone would have written to tell me. It’s ok…they are fixed. I realize that Episode 3 – Critter Comments 2 is in it’s raw form and I may leave it that way but I’m not sure yet.

However, all the files now link to my own server so that problem is no longer an issue. If you need to redownload them simply scroll down and click on the episodes to get the full and clean sounding audio.

I have a podcast in mind that I will be doing soon about the genre of Urban Fantasy and some good examples of books in that category. I also have an interview lined up with the Editor of MindTweaks and author Heidi Ruby Miller. I appreicate your patience as I’ve been going through the growing pains of learning to podcast. I’ve also gotten the podcast bug and I’m doing 2 others now so forgive me as I bury myself under work. 🙂

This is high on my list of things to do along with writing.