1. Do you outline?
Generally I go by the seat of my pants. I tried to outline once and did a full one…but….it never went anywhere. It’s how I found I had a gaping whole in the middle though.
2. Do you write straight through, or do you sometimes tackle the scenes out of order?
I go with scenes as they come to me…so out of order.
3. Do you prefer writing with a pen or using a computer?
Computer most definately though I’ve thought that I should start using a pen for when I’m out. That’s time I could use writing.

4. Do you prefer writing in first person or third?
Most definately first person. I will write in third now and then but first is so much easier and gives so much more personality to me.
5. Do you listen to music while you write?
No but I want to. 😛 Creating a playlist has “procastination” written all over it though.
6. How do you come up with the perfect names for your characters?
That’s hard. I try and find a name that fits the personality of the character. Sometimes she just doesn’t look like an Ashley. Stereotyping…I know.
7. When you’re writing, do you ever imagine your story as a television show or movie?
No but that may be a good way to figure out what’s going next!
8. Have you ever had a character insist on doing something you really didn’t want him/her to do?
Insist is a strong word. They often surprise me though.
9. Do you know how a story is going to end when you start it?
Sometimes…not always.
10. Where do you write?
Usually at my desk in my office.
11. What do you do when you get writer’s block?
Stare at the screen and sigh. Then go do sometimes else. Sometimes I think I should battle through it.
12. What size increments do you write in (either in terms of word count, or as a percentage of the fic as a whole)?
I just try to write as much as I can but I generally look at word count vs page count.
13. How many different drafts did you write for your last project?
Hmmm…the short story…probably 2. But I edit as I go.
14. Have you ever changed a character’s name midway through a draft?
No generally I know within a few pages it’s wrong.

15. Do you let anyone read your story while you’re working on it, or do you wait until you’ve completed a draft before letting someone else see it?
I generally put it out there for people to read but most the time no one really gets back to me unless I make them sit down and actually look at me and tell me. That’s kind of annoying. 😛
16. What do you do to celebrate when you finish a draft?
Honestly…and sadly…I don’t have much experience with that. But I think I’ll treat myself to a spa day when I complete my first draft of my book.
17. One project at a time, or multiple projects at once?
Multiple ideas at once. Right now it’s once project at a time. That may change.
18. Do your stories grow or shrink in revision?
They balance out. I usually find a better way to say it and sometimes explain it better. It all works out in the end.
19. Do you have any writing or critique partners?
I have a new partner from my RWA NYC group but we’ve only just started. Always looking for beta testers.
20. Do you prefer drafting or revising?
Editing as I go. So I guess revising!

What are your answers. Leave them in the comment section and lets compare.