Update – Scheduling Talechasing

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Since I need to finish obligations as well as the book, I’ve decided on how I want to schedule Talechasing content. Tell me if you think it works or not. Leave a comment here, on twitter or in email. All those links can be found on the side menu. Thanks!



imposingadminUpdate – Scheduling Talechasing

Repost of my Interview w PG Holyfield

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In support of my friend and long time podcaster, I am reposting the interview I did with him a long time ago for those who know him and want to hear again or those who don’t and would like to hear.

PG has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and if you’d like to support his family you can go to the link to help fund his family and medical bills here.

imposingadminRepost of my Interview w PG Holyfield

What’s Coming for Talechasing

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Things seem different around here. Listen to what is new and what will be changing around here at Talechasing. Remember you can always email me or tweet me if you’d like to be part of the show or have a promo you’d like played on the show.

Tweet to @kimidreams or @talechasing

imposingadminWhat’s Coming for Talechasing