Episode 44 – Interview with Christina Henry

Christina Henry is the author of the “Black Wings” series. Currently with four books out and a fifth one in early 2013, she’s written a wonderful soon to be nine book series about an agent of death who finds out she’s part angel. They are a must read. It’s been a while since I’ve done interviews so this one is …

kimikodreamsEpisode 44 – Interview with Christina Henry

Guest Post – That Feeling of “What do I do now?” – JR Murdock

Two things happened last night. First of my favorite daughter had her last volleyball game of the season. They lost, but they fought hard. Today, no more practice. Tryouts for club aren’t until the middle of November. We’ll be doing things to make sure she stays in shape until club starts up, but for now, she’s got herself a little …

kimikodreamsGuest Post – That Feeling of “What do I do now?” – JR Murdock

Episode 43 – Updates, Goals, and Guardians for 2012

Hi everyone…I know it’s been a while and I appreciate you beyond measure. I hope that this episode will explain some things and get you as excited for the future as I am. Two urls that will go on the side of this site and the Guardians site soon are in this episode and can be found here: Pintrest for …

kimikodreamsEpisode 43 – Updates, Goals, and Guardians for 2012

Help Donate to Child’s Play!

For those who don’t know…I’m using the new MMO “The Secret World” to help me generate not only ideas but enthusiasm for writing Guardians. Because of this I’ve joined a really awesome Guild called Midnight Squadron. In pure Kimi style I’ve put extra effort into the Charity that our Guild is helping with called “Child’s Play” to help raise money …

kimikodreamsHelp Donate to Child’s Play!

Episode 42 – Part 1 Gaming and Writing

I’ve been into RPG’s and MMO’s for a long time. They’ve had a hand in helping me flesh out characters and bring to life some of my ideas. With the new game called The Secret War coming out in Beta May 11th, especially since it’s set in an urban fantasy environment, I’ve seen an opportunity to help me jump start …

kimikodreamsEpisode 42 – Part 1 Gaming and Writing

Join The Secret War – Templar Audio Promo

Here you will find the audio promo for templars. Please feel free to download this link and to place it on your blog, your facebook page, your podcast…anywhere you like! Join the war against evil!

kimikodreamsJoin The Secret War – Templar Audio Promo

Episode 42: Catchup with JR Murdock

Check me out! A new podcast episode! Please to enjoy this episode I bring to you with JR Murdock as we discuss our current projects and plans for the future. Get your pen handy because there a few good links in here!

kimikodreamsEpisode 42: Catchup with JR Murdock

I still live

Every couple of weeks I get an email from one of the places that sends me stats on the number of listens I’ve gotten to my podcast. And I’m humbled every time I see that people are still listening. When I look at the main page of TaleChasing at the side ticker that shows the number of subscribers, I’m even …

kimikodreamsI still live

Tale Chasing is back up and running

I am back in Nj and to the best of my knowledge able to go back to my projects. I have a quick update that will go up shortly and then I will get to work on getting some of the interviews and the conference audio panels I taped up! Since this is a re-start to the cast and site…write …

kimikodreamsTale Chasing is back up and running

Quick and Dirty Update Ep 41!

Where have I been? What have I been doing? What am I going to do next? Listen and thy answers shall be revealed. Comments always welcome

kimikodreamsQuick and Dirty Update Ep 41!