Episode 44 – Interview with Christina Henry

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Christina Henry is the author of the “Black Wings” series. Currently with four books out and a fifth one in early 2013, she’s written a wonderful soon to be nine book series about an agent of death who finds out she’s part angel. They are a must read.

It’s been a while since I’ve done interviews so this one is a little raw. Forgive me. :)
And there are some MAJOR spoilers so please be warned when you listen.

You can find Christina here:


kimikodreamsEpisode 44 – Interview with Christina Henry

Guest Post – That Feeling of “What do I do now?” – JR Murdock

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Two things happened last night. First of my favorite daughter had her last volleyball game of the season. They lost, but they fought hard. Today, no more practice. Tryouts for club aren’t until the middle of November. We’ll be doing things to make sure she stays in shape until club starts up, but for now, she’s got herself a little break.

Secondly I wrote 4000 words last night and finished off Of Gnomes and Dwarves Book 1. I didn’t just finish it off, but I feel really good about how the ending came out. I think it’s a lot stronger than the original version (which was good, but bumpy). As I’d been saying I wrote this book the first time with a lot of passion, and not a lot of talent. This time around I think my writing skills have improved to the point where I wrote the story the way I’d intended to. Only one character didn’t come out the way I wanted and I’ll be fixing that in the rwrites. Overall I’m happy with the effort, but it’s time to let it sit for a month before I jump in and start to edit.
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kimikodreamsGuest Post – That Feeling of “What do I do now?” – JR Murdock

Episode 43 – Updates, Goals, and Guardians for 2012

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Hi everyone…I know it’s been a while and I appreciate you beyond measure. I hope that this episode will explain some things and get you as excited for the future as I am. :)

Two urls that will go on the side of this site and the Guardians site soon are in this episode and can be found here:

Pintrest for Guardians: http://pinterest.com/kimikodreams/guardiansnovel/
Reagan’s Tumblr account updated regularly: http://reaganfischer.tumblr.com/

Hope to see you soon and feel free to comment and come by my pages!

kimikodreamsEpisode 43 – Updates, Goals, and Guardians for 2012

Help Donate to Child’s Play!

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For those who don’t know…I’m using the new MMO “The Secret World” to help me generate not only ideas but enthusiasm for writing Guardians. Because of this I’ve joined a really awesome Guild called Midnight Squadron. In pure Kimi style I’ve put extra effort into the Charity that our Guild is helping with called “Child’s Play” to help raise money to buy games for hospitalized children all over the world.

Here’s some info on it!


Midnight Squadron is pleased to announce a Charity Auction in conjunction
with the 24 Hour Gaming Marathon to benefit Child’s Play.

General Auction Information
The auction is currently in session and will close on August 18, 2012.

The auction forum may be found here.

Winning bidders will be notified.

Auction guidelines may be found here.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the DONOR.
That’s right, shipping is free to the winning bidder! 100% of the proceeds benefit Child’s Play.

Not a member of Midnight Squadron but would like to bid?
To friends of Midnight Squadron who would like to make a bid, you must set up a Midnight Squadron forum account and verify your email address. Items can be viewed without an MS forum account.

Bid increments and Shipping Restrictions
Bid increments are noted on the item. Please note any shipping restrictions for the item.

Just want to make a donation in support?
You are welcome to make a donation to Child’s Play here if you prefer not to bid on an auction item.

More exciting items to come!
There is some fantastic stuff and even more wonderful items to come so be sure to check back frequently. For example, some swag has already been donated by Funcom of the Secret World. You don’t want to miss your chance at some TSW swag!

We, at Midnight Squadron, want to thank you for your support of this very worthy children’s charity!

For more information regarding the Midnight Squadron 24 Hour Gaming Marathon and Child’s Play, please visit:


kimikodreamsHelp Donate to Child’s Play!

Episode 42 – Part 1 Gaming and Writing

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I’ve been into RPG’s and MMO’s for a long time. They’ve had a hand in helping me flesh out characters and bring to life some of my ideas. With the new game called The Secret War coming out in Beta May 11th, especially since it’s set in an urban fantasy environment, I’ve seen an opportunity to help me jump start Guardians and use the game to flesh out it’s world and characters. Not to mention to have a little fun while I’m at it.

In Part 1 – me and two other Templars (one of the three factions of The Secret World) talk about gaming and how it’s helped our writing. We also talk a bit about The Secret World.

We would love for you to join us and you can do so at <a href=”http://on.fb.me/tws-templars” target=”_blank”>http://on.fb.me/tws-templars</a>

We’d love to have you as Templars but understand if another faction suits you better!

I’ll try and get other links up soon.

kimikodreamsEpisode 42 – Part 1 Gaming and Writing

I still live

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Every couple of weeks I get an email from one of the places that sends me stats on the number of listens I’ve gotten to my podcast. And I’m humbled every time I see that people are still listening. When I look at the main page of TaleChasing at the side ticker that shows the number of subscribers, I’m even more humbled that people are hanging in there with me.

I’ll be honest, I had it all planned out for a beginning of the year podcast release #42. I wanted to share the top 10 books of 2011 that I loved. I figured that would be an easy way to slip back into the groove. But I put it off.

A good friend, and occasional soon to be co-host, JR Murdock keeps prodding me with a stick. Giving me suggestions on how I can get back into my writing, how I can get the podcast started up again, how I can start reaching for those goals that were so important to me over a year ago. He’s even recorded a few “conversations” with me that I plan to put up as casts. As you can see…those haven’t been put up yet either.

I’ve started finding that with the lack of pain, I have more of an urge to do things. I still hesitate (and I’m still trying to figure out why) but deep in me – I WANT to go back to accomplishing something.

One of the things I’ve been doing to help me in several areas is dedicate time in my day – usually before bed to go through a Guided Meditation. I listen most often to Mary Maddox of Meditation Oasis. She has several wonderful ones including ones for talking to your “inner child”, creativity, finding stability when you are overly stressed, etc.

But there are a few she hasn’t had time to get to. Last year in the middle of helping my mom recover, I had the idea to start doing Guided Meditations for Writers. Being a writer and a voice actress, my brain came up with quite a few subjects for the meditations that I feel would help people.

I’m mentioning this for a few reasons. One…look at me maw…I’m writing. Two…my purpose for Talechasing has always been to help people who may have similar problems in getting their fiction out into the world and this would be a new and unique way to try to help. And three…I want to be upfront with the fact that after a short period of time of being released, I may either ask for donations for the site or put packages together of the meditations for a small fee. I would love to be altruistic and give them away for free forever but my medical bill collectors don’t find they work well with altruism. :)

So to end this little post, I’d like to ask those out their listening/reading – is that something you would consider doing? Donating or after a short period of free availability would you pay a modest amount for a re-mixed version of a guided meditation? Your answers are appreciated. And I will see you in another post soon. :)

kimikodreamsI still live

Tale Chasing is back up and running

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I am back in Nj and to the best of my knowledge able to go back to my projects. I have a quick update that will go up shortly and then I will get to work on getting some of the interviews and the conference audio panels I taped up!

Since this is a re-start to the cast and site…write in the comments any ideas you have for making it better or what you’d like to see. :) I really want to know. Oh and tell all your friends I’m back! Thanks

kimikodreamsTale Chasing is back up and running