Welcome to the page that discusses my Podcast novel. This Podcast novel is an experiment for me. A few other people have done the same thing and I decided I wanted to try it as well. I will be writing my chapters and recording them as I go. The plot is complete but the book is not yet finished. You will be able to download the episodes from the main page as I update the feed. Here I’ll put info on the characters, the world as we go along, and have extra goodies like wallpapers, icons, and collectibles like t-shirts, mouse pads, and coffee mugs. Keep checking back here! It’s going to get exciting.



Reagan Fischer is a body guard to celebrities and socialites. No one expects the hot date or party girl best friend as hired protection. Reagan finds herself thrust into the mystery of a strange murder with trappings of the supernatural, if she believed in that sort of thing.

An Angel is missing and in the Criterion society there is only one girl they want for the job. Immediately asked to come in to help guard a man and an object they’ve uncovered by an old friend, the only way she’ll get involved is if you pay her enough. It’s going to take a lot to convince Reagan that the world she knows isn’t how it really is. But there are plenty of ghosts, angels and magic going around to turn her into a believer. Especially when it’s believe or die.