Ok I’m Freaking!!!!

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I just looked down the page and noticed….what do you know…NONE of the podcasts on this site seem to be working. OMG!!!!

SO…along with the podcasts coming from last month and my stories….I will get this major catastrophe fixed. My admin is busy until the 22nd so there won’t be a ton of progress here but I beg you to please bare with me.

I’m trying guys….I’m trying

There should be a podcast here!

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SO…..for the new year I recorded TWO podcasts for January and had planned to get them out before February. As you see…that didn’t make it. Health issues got in the way. I’m working on editing those casts and will be putting those up as they are done and also recording for February.

I have convinced the fabulous J.R. Murdock to come be my companion on the show to talk about all manner of really cool things that I wrote down for this podcast’s reboot!

You should know that we agreed to write a short story a month…which I also didn’t get done due to health problems but I have several great ideas and will be attempting to catch up in February. There might even be something in it for my Patreon patrons.

I promise I’m not all talk and if any of you would like a “health” update in it’s own episode I shall be happy to do so….otherwise I’ll be working diligently to get the podcasts up, write my short stories a month and work on the second book for Guardians.

Is the cast still alive or podfaded?

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I’m sorry you haven’t had any new casts up in a while to listen to. Life has been happening and I’m also waiting on a cord I need that was damaged that goes to my mic so it’s put a damper on creating new casts. I do have some in the can to be edited so I’m going to be working on getting those up soon. I do appreciate your understanding. Sign up to my newsletter that you can find on my main site kimikoalexandre.com or watch my facebook or tweets to see when new episodes are in. Or if you prefer put Talechasing in your podcatcher of choice and you’ll get it the moment it comes out. 🙂

Again, thanks for understanding.

Episode 55 – Let’s be Honest

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Damn you Matthew Wayne Selznic! You challenged creatives to be honest and open. I’ll take your challenge! In this episode I talk about being honest and open as well as my outcry and challenge to find a writing community (I know you are out there) as well as a gang who wants to start a CritGroup. If that’s you – comment of use any of the links on the side to let me know you are out there!

Today is also Awakened Release day! You can find it at Amazon!


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Raegan Fischer is eye candy for the rich socialites of the world…she also uses that pretty façade to protect them. When she gets dragged into a murder with “supernatural” like trappings, she never believes it’s going to not only test faith she doesn’t realize she has nor ever wanted, but make her enter a world of Angels, spirits and the unknown. Blackmailed into helping, she must find a missing angel and her sister while protecting a gargoyle that holds the soul of mass murder. It’s believe or risk a whole host of costs that are too high to bare.


photoKimiko Alexandre runs the Parsec Nominated Podcast, Talechasing, for writers and readers of urban fantasy. Angels and demons are her first love when it comes to urban fantasy and paranormal romance so it’s no surprise that her debut novel, Guardians: Awakening, features a host of both and puts a twist to the whole mythos of where bad souls go when they die.

Also a voice actress, she has been in many commercial projects as well as audiobook and podiobook titles. She even ran a stint at being a female voice artist for European Hardstyle Dance music for a few years. Just search for ‘ft. Kimiko’ on Youtube and you’ll find her.She loves her books, her music, and her cats. She sports a pair of brown and blue wings on her back and it doesn’t come as a shock that her favorite show is Supernatural. Team Dean, all the way.


To check out Kikimo’s podcast, Talechasing, visit here!